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Screencasts are videos that provide a way for you to get a sense of how it feels to use A WorkLife FrameWork.

A couple of viewer comments (I blush...):

"The additions are nice- the screencasts are totally invaluable as they give a much better idea of how the thing is 'meant' to be used than any amount of reading. "
"[Screen]casts I hate and avoid. They are usually slick polished sequences of mouse clicks that require freezeframe so notes can be made... Not so yours. I found them very useful both for the direct content and also helpful in indicating extended capability. "

Of course the best way to get this sense is to give A WorkLife FrameWork a test drive with its fully functional trial license.

Download A WorkLife FrameWork and discover the ways that it can enhance your use of Mathematica, and extend its reach.

1) Getting Started (18:30)

2) Introduction to Diaries (18:15)

3) Strategies

[a] Basic Organization (12:15)

[b] Organizations (5:30)

[c] FileSets (4:15)

4) Computations (18:30)

5) Databases (8:45)

6) Formatting (15:30)

7) Tagging (14:30)

8) Documenting (17:25)

9) More soon....

Download all in a .zip file [135.5 Meg]

Screencasts require the free Quicktime player

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