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Posted on: Thursday, October 22, 2009 at 02:55 AM UT

The purpose of the NotebookOptionsInspector function is to give you easy access to the notebook options of a notebook so that you can see them, edit them, and modify them directly.

You can download the notebook NotebookOptionsInspector.nb below.  Of course don't confuse the name of the notebook with the function that it contains! The notebook that you can dowlnthat contains the code for both the NotebookOptionsInspector and the NotebookOptionsInspectorPalette functions.  When the notebook is executed these functions become availabe for you to use.  The full code for them in included so you can modify it if you wish.

When you execute the function NotebookOptionsInspector[nb, a notebook is opened with the current option names for active options of the NotebookObject, nb.  If you execute NotebookOptionsInspector[] then the NotebookObject is the current InputNotebook.  This latter form is useful when using NotebookOptionsInspector[nb] in a palette as in the following bit of code (make sure to execute the function definition for NotebookOptionsInspector prior to evaluating the following code):


Or to make a palette that does not depend on having executed a definition of NotebookOptionsInspector simply use the function NotebookOptionsInspectorPalette[].

When you execute NotebookOptionsInspector[nb], in the resulting notebook that opens, each Section cell has the name of an option.  Clicking on the group opener of that cell will display an editable Input cell with the current setting for that option.  If you edit this cell and then click on the button on the Section cell, that option will be set to the new edited value for the InputNotebook that your originally inspected.  Clicking on the name of the option in the Section cell will take you to the documentation for that option in the Documentation Center.

Download the NotebookOptionsInspector >>

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